Mission Expeditions


On our August 17 Missionary trip we had the opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.eleven new members were added to the kingdom of God. We have distributed food, clothing, and miscellaneous items to more than 800 people. Over five hundred families were finally able to receive medical care and free medications.

In  June 2019, we plan to go, Haiti. Our brothers and sisters  haiti are in need of our help. We cannot do this on our own. This is why we are asking for your support of any kind to help make that trip a success. We hope that the good Lord will touch you to give whatever you are capable of giving: financial aid, slightly used clothing, medical supplies, school supplies, and any items for daily usage.

Let us show our brothers and sisters that Jesus lives in our hearts by our deeds; and our Savior, at second His coming will receive us and say: well done good and faithful servants. Please complete the form below by cliking on the donate botton to become an important part of this new collection of outreach projects.

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